War Memorials

Hackney Town Hall

The War Memorial used to sit in a car park on the norht side of the Town Hall in a somewaht obscure position. It was surrounded by a privet hedge and placed on an old stone plinth. It was part of a design project I did when i was Senior Landscape Architect for the London borough of Hackney to spruce it up and put it in a more prominent setting. This was i nthe forecourt at the front which i was redesigning.

The image on the left shows the original appearance and the one on the right is the new finished project. I placed it on a black granite plinth, with a trim of dark Baggeridge Blue bricks arund the bottom within new Saxon paving.

Harlow War Memorial

The War Memorial at Hackney Town Hall

I relocated this War Memorial and designed a new railing to go around it. It has a more prominent position suitable for Remembrance occasions. The garden includes plants such as rosemary and other herbs, so that visitors brushing against them will enjoy the fragrance from the leaves.

This was the previous setting for the war memorial at harlow. It was cramped and unsuitable for large gatherings. By re-orientating it, I got some more space for groups to meet.

I used the brick trims to identify the location and give it a neat finish. There are two plinths built with London yellow stocks to carry the remembrance plaques.

I designed the railings using the image of the memorial poppy as a theme to create a series of panels encosing the space

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