Shad Thames, Tower bridge

Shad Thames is teh street running from Tower bridge eastwards towards Surrey Docks. it runs parallel to the river. The original plan was t tarmac it – that is what Southwark council preferred because of maintenance costs. The LDDC wanted to create a sense of “place” and to develop a different type of space using quality materials and enhance the historic feel of the area.

I developed a design using granite setts instead of tarmac, and using different street furniture – bollards, light, litter bins and signs, to create feeling of history. I had a long battle with Southward over the Se’lux Saturn lights to which they strongly objected. They were too expensive, not used anywhere else in the Borough and would cost too much to repair if they went wrong. the Council would not be able to get hold of spare parts. Eventually, after high level interventions, we got approval to go ahead.

The paving began, and I used the traditional fan style of paving. iIwas extremely fortunate to have two guys working on the project who were dedicated experts and between hem they laid out the masterpiece which is there today.

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