Hackney Town Hall Forecourt

I redesigned this when I was Senior landscape Architect at the London borough of Hackney. The original layout at the top was somewhat cluttered with several changes in level. My design removed all the changes in level and created clear areas useful for access and free of obstructions which impede those with partial sight. The scheme also included a new ramp to the entrance as previouly it was by steps only and disabled visitors had to use a rear entrance to access the building.

The new design was with Saxon paving which has a bright finish, with the edges identified with Baggeridge blue bricks. The paving previously had been with utilitarian slabs, which had been infilled with new ones when they cracked, and as a result had a down at heel patchwork appearance.

The areas where ther were obstructions, likeseats, litter bins and signposts, and als othe areas where vehicles might come in, were all textured with modern cobbles to help partially sighted people read the landscape as they walked through.

Before image above and after completion below

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