Barnard’s Wharf Sculpture

Barnard’s Wharf was a vacant site east of the Surrey Docks Farm. and I had the job of designing and building the walkway which connected it to Commercial Pier Wharf, the next site to the East. On that site was a children’s play area. After listening to the ideas of the Consultation groups, I decided to install a procession of animals leading from the play area to the farm. The tenants and residents wanted something memorable, locally relevant, fun, and that would appeal to children and lead them to the farm The animals would be life size and strong enough for children to sit on and play on.

Five sculptors submitted work for the walkway, and the project was completed and opened by Frazer Heinz. On the site behind, a Sheltered housing scheme was under construction. At the entrance to the farm, thee is a good view of Canary Wharf, which had just been completed. I placed a little mouse there on teh river wall so that you could photograph the huge tower with the little mouse in front of it.

On the floor beneath, a cat, modelled by Diane Gorvin , is stalking the mouse.

Immediately opposite on the wall around the Sheltered Housing, is an owl, gazing balefully at the mouse and the cat. (middle left)

A group of fat geese are waddling along the walkway (bottom right) and young shildren enjoyed climbing on these . Behind them, a fox designed by Marsha Wouda, is stalking the geese (top middle). Phil Bews designed some fat pigs and a large donkey (right) on which children delighted in sitting.

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