A series of sculptural initiatives in Surrey Docks in London

As part of the regeneration of Surrey Docks, various sculptural initiatives were undertaken. One created by Michael Rizzello, celebrated James Walker, the Engineer who designed Greenland Dock. I wanted sculpture commissions to have local relevance, possibly reflecting local history. At Cherry Garden, Dr Salter, the local man who set up the first free clinic in the area in early years of the twentieth century waves goodbye to his daughter, who died of scarlet fever, while a cat sits on the wall, viewed on the skyline when approaching from the road. A group of bronzes by Diane Gorvin. In Canada Water two bronze figures by Philip Bews commemorate the workers who used to carry the timber from the boats to the dockside. Near the Mayflower, the horrified ghost of a Pilgrim Father views modern images in the Beano. At Barnard's Wharf a procession of farmyard animals by five different artists walk towards the urban farm.